This site has been created for the writers who have joined the ongoing writers’ group, Project 2017, organised by Sue Boyle.  There will be regular Posts  about the project including digests of the six-weekly group sessions in the Open House Centre in Manvers Street, Bath.

There are TWO ways to navigate this blog. The tabs under the header give you ‘parent’ pages where you will find clickable links to the other relevant pages in the blog. ( These replace the drop down menus, which were becoming very cumbersome. ) Alternatively, the right side menu has an alphabetical list of all the pages in the blog.  Each one of these can be accessed with a click.

The two WRITERS tabs at the top of each page give a list of  linked pages  where writers  can outline their work so far, update on their new book and magazine publications, flag up guest readings, share photographs, write about their current project and publish extracts from ongoing work. To ease navigation, these personal Pages are also listed on the alphabetical menu on the right hand sidebar. Writers and topics can also be found by using the SEARCH button.

The venue for all group sessions is the Open House Centre in Manvers Street, Bath.  Six of the sessions are in the ground floor Pulteney Room.  The May session will take place on the floor below, in the Milsom Room.

As usual, the room will be open from 10am for a prompt start at 10.30am. The afternoon session will end around 4pm, but can drift along quietly beyond this for those who feel they could use a bit more time.  The Open House Cafe serves hot drinks all morning, and provides sandwiches, hot lunches and salads. Alternatively, we are welcome to bring our own lunches and eat them at the communal tables in the Cafe.

Individual tutorials and small group workshops ( two to four people) will usually take place in Kipling Avenue. Prices are friendly, by arrangement and on request. These sessions are ONLY on offer to writers who are already members of Project 2017. Writers who would like to try small group work can create their own Kipling Avenue groups from among the members of Project 2017, or use the small group situation to introduce Project 2017 to a friend.

Individual and small group sessions will be limited by my other commitments. As well as booking early to avoid disappointment, please think hard about whether they will really be of use!

Individual tutorials and mentoring are, of course, also offered by The Poetry School. Please take a look at their website (link here) and consider whether 1-2-1 with one of their tutors might be an alternative or an additional support for you. As an example of their prices,  for a tutorials in person, an hour of tutor preparation time, and a one hour meeting, based on a submission of 200 lines of poetry will cost £100.