Anne Hayhoe






170721_we are placed

a psychogeography of Malmesbury

unknown girls

I see, from discourse (an ordinary exchange)

today’s unknown girls

on a blue-black summer evening

walking alongside the library (closed)

it’s blinds shut up night-tight

in this ancient hilltop town.

And hear their high voices

not in sentences, nor even words

but girlish giggles

that roll and sweep ahead

sucking them across the tarmac-black car park

to the dark glint of metal railings

that crown the Town wall

and it’s drystone drop to Tom Rich’s meadow.

Leaving their bounded lives

the timetables, exams, deadlines, dates

how easily they climb over

their feet finding a familiar pattern

into the true black, Mars-black nothingness

into the footsteps of the nuns

whom history recalls

treading a daily path under the wall.

Where do they go?

In the brightness of day

this librarian stands at those same arrow-head railings

seduced by the sweeping view

dazzled by the rich green grasses

that roll down the escarpment

and flow into a much-eyed landscape.

I am scanning for evidence

the silvery snail-trails

that mark the crossing of boundaries.

I long to spy a snagged black thread,

a friendship bracelet, some finger-rounded beads

a talisman of their age.

But all I see

the uncropped grass

a year’s lengthening

now flattened in places.

The treads of their passing

must be sufficient

to take me into the black.

copyright Anne Hayhoe

8th September 2015

One comment on “Anne Hayhoe

  1. I would really like to see your artwork Anne, especially the colour pieces. Do you exhibit?

    The poem is also very visual. When I read it I see Shaftesbury, perhaps a similar town.


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