ALL the  meetups are now fully booked. Contact Sue Boyle if you would like to go on the reserve list for any of the months.  All meetups except the special June Day on Words & Images will take place in the Open House Centre, Manvers Street, Bath.  The meeting room will be open from 10a.m. with the workshop starting promptly at 10.30a.m. 



AUGUST 12th  : Sarah Gregory, Rachael Clyne , Sue Sims, Sara-Jane Arbury , Sara Butler, Morag Kiziewicz, Sue Chadd, , Anne Hayhoe, Chrissy Banks, Marilyn Francis, Miranda Pender, Harry Thurston   (12)  Reserve Frances-Anne King

SEPTEMBER 23rd : Claire Dyer, Marilyn Francis, Sarah Gregory, Michael Loveday, John Richardson, Ann Preston, June Wentland, Sara-Jane Arbury , Sue Chadd, Janet McClean, Claire Coleman, Anne Hayhoe  (12)


JANUARY 14th : Marilyn Francis, Sarah Gregory, Verona Bass, Louise Green, John Richardson, Ann Preston, Sue Chadd, June Wentland, Linda Saunders  (9)

FEBRUARY 25th  : Claire Dyer, Lesley Saunders, Marilyn Francis, Sarah Gregory, Verona Bass, Louise Green, Ann Preston, Graeme Ryan, Sue Sims, Ama Bolton,  Sara-Jane Arbury, Michael Loveday, Janet McClean  (13) 

APRIL 8th : Robin Thomas, Lesley Saunders, Verona Bass, Michael Loveday, Ann Preston, Sue Sims, Ama Bolton, Claire Coleman, Sara-Jane Arbury, Sara Butler, Sue Chadd (11)

MAY 20th : Claire Coleman , Claire Dyer, Sarah Gregory, John Richardson, Graeme Ryan, Ama Bolton,Michael Loveday,Ruth Sharman, Morag Kiziewicz, Conor Whelan (10)

JUNE 24TH : WORDS & IMAGES in the Murch Room at the BRLSI.  Sue Sims, Ama Bolton, Marilyn Francis, Sarah Gregory, Caroline Heaton , Sue Boyle, Paul Browne, Ann Preston, Morag Kiziewicz (9)

JULY 1st : Rachael Clyne,  Sarah Gregory, Robin Thomas, Michael Loveday, Ann Preston,  Sue Chadd, Ruth Sharman, Graeme Ryan, Tessa Strickland, Marilyn Francis, Ama Bolton (11)