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Sarah Gregory’s project had me fascinated from the moment I read about it: and the results that she shared with us in February were totally beguiling – the visual poem taking on layers of feeling and meaning that the verbal poem (if I may use those rather clumsy contrastive terms) could only imply. I also liked the way Sarah gave us several variants of the poster, to see which visual effects worked for different people. I’d recently spent a few days’ holiday in a (rather luxurious) cabin on the shingle at Dungeness – a bleak and wondrous stretch of shoreline on the edge of south-east Kent, where the writer and film-maker Derek Jarman lived. It is his ‘shack’, with its bright yellow window- and door-frames that my poem briefly refers to. I wrote the poem first as a verbal poem, but then wanted so much to try my hand at what Sarah’s work vividly accomplishes. So I re-wrote it – using only what Word makes possible – as what you see here. Very much a first foray – but I found it exciting to do; and the visualising process has fed back into a redraft  of the verbal poem. So huge thanks to Sarah G…

Shack (Lesley S)

Lesley Saunders : Shack 


Stalbridge Street